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16th June, 2014
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The Bradshaw School of Motoring facebook page is now up and running.

25th March, 2012
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Bradshaw School of Motoring will soon be on facebook.

7th August, 2011
New site is now live

The Bradshaw School of Motoring website is now live. Have a look round and drop me a message if you have any comments.

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Practical Driving Test

Your practical driving test is essential to show that you can drive safely. This needs to be in a variety of road and traffic conditions, and you will need to use the practical skills obtained during your lessons and highlighting that you have an understanding of the Highway Code. It will be important to draw upon all the information you learnt for your theory test and put it to use whilst driving.

All you need to do is keep calm and put all your knowledge and experience into practice, if this shows that that you meet the standard required you will pass your practical test.

Once we have agreed you are ready for your practical test and the date has been booked there are certain documents you will need to bring on the day. It is essential to bring your theory test pass certificate (or confirmation) if you are not exempt and both parts of your photo card licence. The Driving Standards Agency can refuse to undertake the test and you may also lose the money you have paid and we then need to reschedule and pay again.

You will take part in an eyesight check and asked two vehicle safety questions before you will be allowed to start your test. To test your eyesight you will be asked to read the number on a parked vehicle, if you fail to do this you will not be able to undertake your test.

Before your test you will be asked two vehicle safety questions. These are also known as the 'show me, tell me' questions.

The ‘show me’ question involves showing the examiner how you would carry out a vehicle safety check.

The 'tell me' question involves you explaining to the examiner how you would carry out the check.

An incorrect answer for one or both of these questions will mean you begin your driving test with one driving fault.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake during your actual test, it may only be a minor fault and may not stop you from passing, so try and remain calm throughout. However if the examiner considers you to be a dangerous driver the test will be stopped.

The test normally lasts about 40 minutes and I can be present during this or a friend or relative. However, in case you don’t pass this time around it will be helpful for me to be there so I can see first-hand your strengths and areas for improvement during test conditions.

The examiner will be assessing you all the way through your test and will give you directions to follow. They may even ask you to undertake an emergency stop. They will ask you to show that you can reverse the car you are driving safely.

They could ask you one of the follwoing:

  • reverse around a corner;
  • turn in the road; or
  • reverse park - either into a parking bay, or parallel parking at the side of the road.

The test will include around ten minutes of independent driving. This is designed to assess your ability to drive safely while making decisions independently.

If you have 15 or less driving faults you will pass your test. You must have no serious or dangerous faults.

There are three types of faults that can be marked:

  • a dangerous fault - involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public or property
  • a serious fault - could potentially be dangerous
  • a driving fault - not potentially dangerous, but if you make the same fault throughout your test it could become a serious fault

At the end of the test you will be told if you have you passed or not, you will be given feedback on your performance explain how you did during the test.

If you pass your test the examiner will give you a pass certificate and you can drive away immediately!

Give me call for a quick chat about your driving lessons on 07970 074 256 or email me with your details at [email protected]